Rules and Regulations

Academic Rules and Regulations

For Under-graduate and Post-graduate classes:

  1. A candidate will be eligible to join 1st semester of graduation course, if he/she has passed +2 examination of Punjab School Education Board, or any other examination recognised as equivalent thereto without reappear.
  2. Semester examination will be open to regular candidates who have been on the rolls of a college affiliated to Punjabi University and meet the attendance and other requirements as prescribed. in the Ordinances No.7 of Punjabi University, Patiala.
  3. Subject to fulfilment of requirement of House examinations, the attendance requirements and these ordinances there will be no condition of passing papers for promotion from odd semester to even semester in an Academic Session.
  4. To qualify for admission to 2nd year of the Course, the candidate must have passed 50% of total papers of the two semesters of the 1st year. Similarly, to qualify for admission to 3rd year of the course, the candidate should have passed 50% of total papers of four semesters of the earlier two years.
  5. A candidate placed under reappear in any paper, will be allowed two chances to clear the reappear, which should be availed within consecutive two years/chances i.e. to pass in a paper the candidate will have a total of three chances, one as regular student and two as reappear candidate.
  6. The examination of reappear papers of odd semester will be held with regular examination of the odd semester and reappear examination of the even semester will be held with regular examination of even semester. But if a candidate is placed under reappear in the last semester of the course, he will be provided chance to pass the reappear with the examination of the next semester, provided his reappear of lower semester does not go beyond next semester.
  7. Attendance Requirements for Under-graduate and Post-graduate classes: Every candidate will be required to attend a minimum of 75% lectures delivered to that class in each paper as well as 75% of the laboratory work, seminars etc. separately. Provided that a deficiency in attendances may be condoned for special reasons, as per the relevant ordinances on the subject.
  1. To be eligible to appear in the semester examination a candidate must have obtained in the house examination at least 25% marks in each paper; 33% marks in the aggregate of all subjects of the semester. The Principal at his discretion may allow a special test to a candidate who could not appear in the House examination owing to unavoidable reasons or fails to secure the minimum marks as prescribed above.
  2. Amount of examination fee to be paid by a candidate for each semester shall be as fixed by the University from time to time.
  3. University medal will be awarded to a candidate who secured first position in the University on the basis of the marks of all the six semesters taken together. The general rules and conditions of the University for the award of medal/prizes etc. will be applicable in the award of University medal to the topper of this examination.
  4. The minimum number of marks required to pass the examination in each Part shall be 35% in each subject, provided that in subject with practical the percentage shall be required separately in written and practical/lab work. The candidate shall also be entitled to grace marks as admissible under the ordinances relating to the `GENERAL GRACE MARKS` of Punjabi University, Patiala.
  5. The successful candidates shall be classified on the basis of aggregate marks secured in all the six semesters of graduation course taken together as under:

(a) 75% or more with Distinction.

(b) 60% or more in the First division.

(c) 50% or more but less than 60% in the Second division.

(d) below 50% in the Third division.

  1. The break up of marks for the Internal Assessment for theory papers will be as under:
i. One or two tests out of which minimum one best will be considered for assessment.
ii. Attendance
iii. Class participation and behaviour

The break up of marks for the Internal Assessment for English will be as under:

i. Formal assessment through Interview/Self Introduction/Recitation etc.
ii. Conversation Skills (particularly listening and speaking to be evaluated through oral examination)
iii. Attendance Class participation and behaviour