Zoology Lab

Zoology lab at Bibi Sharan Kaur Khalsa College provides scientific study of animal kingdom along with its evolution,  diversity and its environment. Our Zoology lab is well equipped with all the necessary facilities for higher studies.

The high-tech lab highlights the major concerns of modern Zoology and is well equipped with:

  1. High resolution microscopes of different types such as
    a) Medical Microscope
    b) Research Microscope
    c) Student Microscope
    d) Dissecting Microscope
  2. Unique collection of rare specimen, models, slides belonged to all the phyla of the animal kingdom.
  3. Collective ‘Museum of Diversity ‘of Zoology and Botany department.
  4. Charts related to various systems of living world.
  5. Fresh dissecting material.
    a) Model of human Skeleton.
    b) Model of different joints of a human.
  6. Equipments like Laminar Flow, Centrifuge, Incubator, PH meter,    Haemoglobin meter, Haemocytometer are also present to introduce the young scientific to cell biology, molecular biology and analytical study.